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Mei cooking in the kitchen
Mei in the kitchen

Mei’s upcoming Cooking Classes:

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East Meets West

Learn the craft of the trade and take a culinary journey from coast to coast with this one of a kind class. Learn about the techniques and local ingredients from two cultures!

College of Marin - Community Education
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Farm to Table: The Fall Bounty

This class will demonstrate a seasonal approach to eating healthy and learning creative ways to use the various seasonally fruits and vegetables that are currently being harvested at our COM's farm. Each season offers a unique "palette" of ingredients; students will learn to appreciate the dynamic rhythm of the changing seasons and how to cook with the rhythm.

We will start the class with a short guided tour of COM very owned Farm & Garden, in hope the student will learn to have a deeper appreciation where their food come from. The students will devour a family-style meal together at the end of the class.

Street Food Of Singapore

AStreet food is the beating heart of Singaporean which defined their identity, culture, history and social context of its community. They are available on menu from the off-beat alley to the established fine-dining restaurants. In this class, you will have the take-away of learning to cook an array of signature street food recipes of Singapore and sharing these delicious recipes with your friends and family. A tasting menu will follow after the class.

A Cut Above: Introductory Knife Skills

Preparing great food begins with a sharp knife and solid hand skills. None of us are born with great knife skills, but a good teacher can help you get professional results! Knives are the tools of the trade and it's important to know how to use them correctly. Learn knife types and purchasing types as well as the tricks of the trade for knife sharpening. Next work in the kitchen under the watchful eye of a skilled instructor and learn to hone, sharpen, slice, dic, chiffonade, mince and julienne like a pro.