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I have known Mei for several years and she had helped me in various culinary gigs and sometime co-teaching with me. She is one of the most creative culinary chef I have ever known. She has that elusive ability to taste, adapt and create recipes that sparkle and create enjoyment for those who have been lucky enough to sample her work. My 2013 newest book "Culinary Birds" and I think so much of Mei's culinary skills ability that I had asked her to contribute a couple of her recipes.

Mei also has a natural talent for teaching and working which her legions of enthusiastic students and peers I know would second. More than just creating recipes, Mei's interest in history and culture and passion for food make her one of the most successful chef/instructor that I know. Her fun and giving nature with people make her valuable in any organization besides just those that are just food related.

In addition, her passion to constantly sharing and helping others in any ways she can which makes her an asset to any projects she undertakes.

I think a great deal of Mei's culinary skills and so admired her as my fellow peer and friend. I would be glad to talk to anyone about her skills and give our highest recommendation to any organization.

Chef John Ash
Renowned Chef /Book Author /Two-Time James Beards Awards

My husband and I have had the pleasure went on our first culinary adventure to Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore in Jan 2014. We had so much fun visiting these country through the lens of Mei Ibach who was a native of Singapore/Malaysia. We were treated like VIP and warmest hospitality everywhere we went during my travel. Despite the fact it was our first time in Asia, Mei was always attentive and making sure our travel need are met at all time. Mei's cousin, Lily showed me Santosa Island and took us on a boat ride and followed by a Singapore’s feast of Chili CRAB and delectable dishes.

Glenda & Steve Castelli
Winsor, California U.S.A

I have had the pleasure taking Mei's cooking class at Ramekin Culinary center, Sonoma, California. Chef Mei had a wealth of knowledge of Asian cookery, culture and interesting life and food stories to share with her students. She made me feeling comfortable and at ease to enjoy the process of the cooking and not too stuck with trying to be perfection. She always take the time to answer all range of food related questions and go above and beyond to help the students . Like many, I have been Chef mei’s following in her culinary journey. In 2016, my husband and I traveled with her to Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore for a wonderful culinary adventure.

Sharon Burget
Pengrove, California

I had known Chef Mei Ibach since our first collaboration of a Chinese New Year food article in 2016. Since then, I continue collaborating working with Mei on other food articles, "Journey of Dim-Sum to Chinatown, San Francisco, Santa Rosa Chef Shares her secret on CURRY" which was published in June 2018 and many more food related articles. Mei's had such insight knowledge of Asian cookery and its culture. She is such an inspirational to others and truly a food enthusiast. Her sense of humor and her sharing spirit always bring such joy to those who are touched by her delicious food.

Diane Peterson
Journalist, Food writer, Press Democrat

I have had the pleasure being Mei’s Teaching assistant while she was teaching at Santa Rosa Jr. college – culinary dept in the early 2014 -2018. I had learned so much from Chef Mei in Asian cookery and simply being her friend and started a beautiful long-time friendship. I had now resided in Switzerland but still used some of Mei’s Asian recipes in my kitchen which I spent with my husband and two cats and staying in touch with chef Mei.

Georgia Straham
(Former TA) Switzerland